Just 100% extra Virgin organic pure rose essential

That’s it

  • Packed with the highest vibrating essential oil on the planet the Bulgarian rolls essential oil (a.k.a. Rose Otto ) -320 MHz
  • Contains only the most essential nutrients and vitamins from freshly picked Bulgarian Rose petals.

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YourRoseEssential™ Creation

The Highest vibrating super herb extract on the planet.

Dew covered velvet fresh rose petals are hand-picked before Dawn (when petals are full with rose essential oil and nutrients ).

The tender rose petals are rushed immediately to our facilities in the heart of the pristine Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

Using proprietary extraction methods we handcraft and store our pure Rose essential in a way that all nutritional and vibrational characteristics of the ingredients are enhanced and fully preserved.

Then an army of rose honey bees fly the precious cargo to Los Angeles (or sometimes we use planes :-)).

Small batches are produced on demand to guarantee quality and vibrational integrity.

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Meet our super herb

The “queen of flowers” or the Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena) is one of the best natural sources of antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

Recognized as the world’s best therapeutic rose it is considered a medicinal super herb.

Throughout history many of its health benefits have been fantastic and well documented in Western and I reverted medicine. While many new ones are being discovered and validated by modern science.

bulgarian rosees

Our High-Vibrational Roses

Grown biodynamically on the small family farm in the heart of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria our organic roses are extremely vibrant and fragrant.

Some people believe that the area where our Rose farm is situated is an energetic vortex and that’s why our roses are so vibrant, fragrant and have such prominent high vibrational characteristics.

Also the unique climate conditions and the nutrients and minerals rich soil make the rose valley in Bulgaria the finest place on the earth for growing roses with therapeutic properties.

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