Why Vibrate Higher?

why vibrate higher

Genius Albert Einstein once said, “Everything in life is vibration.” And nowadays, physicists can “see” vibration everywhere around us. In this guide, you will find out some helpful information about vibrations and how you can improve your wellbeing by simply raising your vibes.

What are vibrations?

Now, let’s start with the basics. So, what are vibrations? Vibration is a term used to describe the motion made by objects that is in a back-and-forth direction over the resting position of the objects. Vibrations are oscillating motions. When objects vibrate, they manifest a wave that repeats itself over a certain path at fixed intervals. Think about your smartphone buzzing as a simple example. Then every thought you have, every emotion you experience and every word that you say constitutes vibration.

Think about how often you meet a person and before you really get to know them, you feel as if you know that person for a long time and you feel so well around them. At the same time, sometimes we can meet someone and know right away that we would rather never speak to that person again.

Whereas human logic and our common sense cannot pull out strong arguments to explain such situations, physics does. As we know, when two waves occupy the same point, superposition occurs. Constructive interference occurs whenever the waves come together forming amplitude larger than the amplitude of each wave separately. On the other hand, we say that we have destructive interference when the waves come together in such a way that they completely cancel each other out. They have the same amplitude in opposite directions.

Science has the word

Long ago, another great mind, Nikola Tesla managed to prove that everything that surrounds us has vibrational energy, or else electrical frequency. Every atom in the universe oscillates at different, changing speeds.

Now that technology has advanced so much, scientists can measure our brain and heart waves through EEG and ECG, and different spectrometers, spectrographs, and spectrograms reveal to us the frequency of the building blocks of life.

As a matter of fact, German physicist Schumann and Prof. H.L. König managed to measure Earth’s electromagnetic field with frequency pulsation of 7.83 Hz for the first time back in 1954.

Vibrations and Emotions

Electronic devices such as the electrocardiograph are the proof revealing to us how emotions have a direct impact on our heart and brain, and overall wellbeing. When someone is within our energy field, when we listen to music or we think about a particular person or event, we are emitting vibrations that carry emotions such as gratitude, anger, compassion, or shame. And each emotion has a specific vibration.

The HeartMath Institute, which is a non-profit organization has used ECG to measure two different psychophysiological modes. On the left side of the image, you can see the result that was produced while the subject was in a state of deep appreciation, whereas the right image was generated while the subject experienced feelings of anger. From the test results, we can see that there is a direct correlation between the heart rate rhythm and the frequency patterns in the spectrum of the ECG or MCG.

Think about your emotions as energy-in-motion. The energy that can heal us, make us healthy, energetic, mindful, courageous, and kind of energy that can make us feel sad, weak, or frustrated. Actually, suppressing emotions such as anger, sadness, disgust is counterproductive and will worsen our wellbeing if try to avoid them. What we can do instead is raise your vibration. Back from science classes, we know that energy is never lost, it just changes its form. It is up to you to decide to change your frequency. Just as you change your radio station to tune into something you do like.

Words and Vibration

Along with emotions, words said emit different vibrations and so have an impact on our vigor and strength. Negative speech not only drains your energy, but it also provokes more negative-charged emotions to build up and stay longer.

Dr. Emoto’s work goes further to confirm the impact words have on us. He measured that impact on the crystalline structure of water. Ultimately, the results of Dr. Emoto’s experiments prove what psychologists, researchers, and spiritual people have been teaching us – the words we speak and the thoughts we think reshape and reinvent us at all levels.

In an experiment, Dr. Emoto did amazing photographs of various words and phrases that were attached to jars of water. Words such as thank you, love, compassion, peace, and wisdom produced beautiful geometric forms. Contrary, phrases such as “you make me sick” or “you fool” formed very chaotic crystals.
How to raise vibrations?
So, now that you know what vibrations are and that emotions, thoughts, words, practically everything that surrounds you is energy that constantly vibrates, how can you raise your vibes and feel more happy, confident, and energetic?

5 Ways You Can Raise Your Vibes

Having a rewarding job makes you feel happier about life in general. A rewarding job is not necessarily a high-paying job, it is one that you feel helps others too. Find a job or even extra activity that inspires you to serve other people too. Join a community where you belong, a community that shares likewise goals and aspirations.

Spend time in nature

You know what they say, “There’s no WiFi in the forest, but you find a better connection.” Being in the mountains or just the nearest park or spring, the lake is like “charging yourself” right from the source-of-all-sources. Being outside exposes us to harmonic vibrations that have the opposite effect on our health than those indoors. Clean air, sunshine, the sound of water, the fresh grass re-charge us and are the best de-stressors.

Cultivate gratitude

I mean it. Okay, life is rarely what we expect it to be or how we imagine it should be. As much as we do our best, sometimes we just mess up or life gives us challenges beyond our control. And each time you can choose to whine and hold onto negative feelings, or you can count your blessings. Be grateful for those challenges, accept them, and turn them into opportunities.

Surround yourself with positive people

Being around positive people is another prerequisite for a happy life. We all know people that have a problem with every solution. Stay away from them. Be very meticulous about what people you let “vibrating” in your energetic field. The closest to you people can drain your energy or increase it. Also, keep in mind that if your vibration is low, you will attract others with similar frequencies into your life.

Master mindfulness

This may sound easier said than done, but it is the way to happy and conscious life. Learn to work with your focus. Your focus is where your energy flows. Be mindful about what choices you make. Focus on the present, rather than spill your energy over on past events or future uncertainties.

Eat good food

“Let food be thy medicine”, says Hippocrates. Bruce Tainio says that average healthy human beings measure at 62 to 68 Hz. A cancer patient will often have a frequency of 42 Hz or even lower. Whereas, chicken and beef have only 2 Hz of energy greens have 70 to 90 Hz of energy! If that seems high to you, how about the fact that rose essential oil has an energetic frequency of 320 Hz.

Nikolay Punchev

Nikolay Punchev

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