How Plants And Essential Oils Raise Your Vibes

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As you might already know, everything that surrounds us is an energy that vibrates. Our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies, the food we eat, and the drinks we drink – everything has its own vibe. It is said that when we are vibrating at higher frequencies, our thoughts are clearer and we feel happier.

And so, our world is in constant motion on a molecular level and scientists can measure that motion by frequency. Emotions such as sadness, anger, or frustration have lower frequencies, and happiness, love, and gratitude have high frequencies. In this guide, we will give you a few tips on how essential oils can raise your vibe.

Vibes and Numbers

A healthy body normally has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, whereas disease begins at 58 MHz. Cancer can appear at 42 MHz and the death process begins if the human’s frequency falls below 20 MHz.

Eventually, frequency rates can increase and decrease and the best part is that we can improve that rate. Amazing, right?
Our food, water, and emotions all have vibrational frequencies that our bodies adapt to. For example, leafy greens have a frequency rate of around 70 MHz, whereas meat is only 2-3MHz. Our positive thoughts can raise our vibration by 10-12 MHz, whereas negative thoughts and emotions can lower it just as much.

As with energy “like attracts like”, if we surround ourselves with high frequencies, we will increase our frequency. Hence eating fresh food and juices, thinking about positive encounters can uplift us and positively impact our health and wellbeing.

Your food is your medicine!

Remember it. Love it. Live by it. Yes, food has vibration too. It can heal us and it can make us ill too. Processed and canned foods have a frequency of zero. Whereas dried herbs have a frequency of 15 – 22 MHz, fresh vegetables and fruits have a frequency of 20 – 27 MHz. By choosing raw food and fresh smoothies, you will enjoy not only a healthy body, but you will feel better.

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Essential Oils as Nature’s cure

It turns out that our sense of smell is “10,000 times more sensitive” than any other of our senses. Scents affect our brain. As soon as we smell a certain aroma, it immediately works with the olfactory bulbs inside our nasal cavity. Those bulbs are actually part of our brain and the limbic system and the latter is responsible for our emotions and hormones, behavior, and general mood.

Essential oils can raise the frequency of our bodies, and elevate our mood by simply spraying an essential oil mist on our wrists, placing a few drops in our palms, or inhaling the aroma from a diffuser. Essential oils smell amazing, plus they are a mighty and healthy nature’s cure that can help us manage emotions, hormones, and our wellbeing.

Sleep like a… Lavender

Frequency – 118 MHz
Using lavender oil is said to improve the quality of sleep by 60%, according to This includes the length of your sleep, time-to-fall-asleep, and also insomnia as a whole. Lavender is classified as a mild sedative. The lavender essential oil can modulate our GABA receptor to calm our nervous system. One side effect is that in large quantities, lavender can irritate the skin.

Bergamot helps you become mindful

Frequency – 52 MHz
According to naturopathic doctor Erica Matluck, Bergamot essential oil can brighten a dark mood. “I prefer Bergamot for a chronically depressed mood when the trigger is something that happened in the past,” Matluck says. “The deep, earthy scent of Bergamot helps get the mind into the present.” (

Chamomile Oil helps the immune system

Frequency – 105 MHz
Chamomile has been used as a ‘medication’ since ancient times, and it is still popular for reason. This herb contains various bioactive phytochemicals that help to improve cardiovascular conditions, stimulate the immune system, and provide some protection against cancer.

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Frankincense fights Stress

Frequency – 147 MHz
Frankincense is used for rituals in churches since the olden days. Along with purifying the space around us, it also has positive effects on our body too. Frankincense essential oil has the potential to modulate the biological processes of inflammation and tissue remodeling in human skin. Research results also suggest that it can decrease stress hormone levels.

Queen Rose

Frequency – 320 MHz
Rose essential oil has the highest vibration frequency of all essential oils. According to some science-backed statements, this mighty herb has anti-depressant properties, and it can lead to psychological and psychological relaxation. It has anti-anxiety effects as well.

Use essential oils that are:
Extracted from organic crops;
Free from additives or synthetic substances;
Distilled directly from the root, leaf or, flower;
Come in a amber glass container;
Are not cheap. Keep in mind that to produce just one ounce of rose oil, it takes about 250 pounds of roses!

Nikolay Punchev

Nikolay Punchev

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