Celebrating Summer Solstice with the “Queen of Flowers”: Rosa Damascena

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This year has definitely been one filled with unexpected turns and events. For as adaptable as we each are, turbulent times can affect us on many levels impacting our physical, mental and energetic bodies. We are at a time on the planet where we are being asked to be very mindful of the vibrations and intentions that we carry, we see very clearly the importance of tending to our responsibilities as individuals, as a community and as a whole for the greater good of the planet.

Although there is still work to be done, let’s take a breather and celebrate how far we have come. Let’s celebrate summer solstice, let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate nature, let’s celebrate each other and what better way than with Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, the highest vibratory flower, with the most divine aroma and taste!

Did you know that raising your vibration is the fastest and most effective way to ease your mind and calm your nervous system? It’s a guaranteed antidote to vibe higher and getting centered. Rose Vibes Rose Essential is the highest vibrating rose elixir, containing the purest essential nutrients of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. One tablespoon is enough to create a calming and positive experience/tone for mind and body.

Here’s how Rose Vibes can support you and help shift you into a celebratory state of mind with
ease and grace.

Rose has a very powerful energy field and is said to be the highest vibrational flower, at 320MHz deeming her a “Queen Healer”. An average healthy body ranges from 62MHz – 78MHz which is units of frequency. An essential oils frequency generally starts at 62Hz and the maximum frequency is 320MHz. There are studies indicating due to the frequency and medicinal properties of essential oils they are capable of creating harmonious living environment within our cells and body. This includes warding off bacteria and viruses as well as increasing our frequency which alters the neurological and cellular response in the body. The aroma alone has mended hearts,
soothed nerves and tension and elevated spirits. There are significant medical and therapeutic benefits to ingesting and using Rosa Damascena regularly for optimal well- being, health and mood. Traditional medicine writings and customer experience confirms the uplifting and positive effects that taking Rosa Damascene has on anxiety, nervousness and depression.

Technically, Rosa Damascena is an adaptogen flower with potent essential oil. It helps alter our chemical constituents which shifts our reality and increases the feel-good vibes. It does this because once our vibe (energy/frequency) changes and increases it sends different signals to the brain creating higher vibe feelings. It’s one of the reasons we recommend raising a glass to cheers your way into the summer, feeling good, calm, centered with genuine peace of mind.  After all, you really deserve to feel good.

For the ultimate calming experience, take 1 TBSP of Rose Vibes’ Rose Essential elixir daily.

Try Amanda’s high vibe summer solstice recipe:

  • 5 oz Watermelon Juice
  • 3 oz Mountain Spring Sparkling water (optional)
  • 1 ½ TBSP Lime juice
  • 1 TBSP Rose Vibes
  • Swig of basil
  • Ice cubes

Copyright: Amanda Maybroda, Erewhon Practitioner and Creator of AM ELEMENTALS.

Nikolay Punchev

Nikolay Punchev

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