4 Benefits of Rose Essential Oil Backed By Science

rose oil benefits

Roses are mostly admired for their beauty and aroma. Though they have become a symbol of love, did you know that roses are more than just a beauty? Those graceful flowers are powerful health healers. In fact, rose essential oil has been used to treat different health conditions since the olden days.

What are the benefits of rose oil for you? Scientific researches states that rose essential oil can heal anxiety and depressive conditions, balance our hormones, reduce acne and rosacea, and naturally increase our libido. In fact, rose oil has been used to treat nervous tension, wounds, skin issues, and it was used as an anti-inflammatory cure as well.

What is Rose Essential Oil?

The rose essential oil has a very rich floral aroma that is sweet and fragrant at the same time. Mostly, manufacturers produce it from a few rose plants – Rosa damascena, Rosa alba, and Rosa centifolia. To produce the essential oil, they usually steam distilled it from the flower petals. And the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has the finest qualities and properties of them all. Actually, Bulgaria is a leading producer on a global scale. Because of the low oil content in Rosa damascena, the essential rose oil is one of the most expensive oils in the whole world.

Researchers say that rose essential oil comprises several therapeutic compounds:rose oil content

  • Citronellol – effective mosquito repellant;
  • Citral – strong antimicrobial that is necessary for vitamin A synthesis;
  • Eugenol – the richest antioxidant in the world;
  • Methyl Eugenol – local antiseptic and anesthetic;
  • Nerol – sweet-smelling aromatic antibiotic compound;
  • Phenyl Acetaldehyde – another sweet-smelling and aromatic compound;
  • Phenyl Geraniol – a natural form of geraniol, which is commonly in perfumes;

Rose Oil Benefits

Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

Rose oil is very much appreciated because of its mood-boosting properties. In this review published in the US National Library of Medicine, scientists have led numerous researches that evaluated the physiological relaxation effect of rose oil. Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects were also reported for rose oil.

Another study, where participants were 20 female university students with a mean age of 22, reported that olfactory stimulation by rose oil-induced: (1) a significant decrease in oxyhemoglobin concentration in the right prefrontal cortex and (2) an increase in “comfortable,” “relaxed,” and “natural” feelings.

Clear Skin and Body

There are many qualities of rose essential oil that make it a great natural remedy for the skin. The antimicrobial benefits alone are great reasons to add a few drops of rose oil to your daily health and beauty routine.

It has been shown that essential oil and hydrosol have both showed these effects. The essential oil has strong antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, B. subtilis, Staph. aureus, Chromobacterium violaceum, and Erwinia carotovora strains. The antibacterial effect is mostly due to the citronellol, geraniol, and nerol that the rose oil is rich in.

Adding rose oil to your drinks will help you fight and prevent the spread of bacteria inside your body.

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenating

Rose oil also makes the list of top anti-aging essential oils used in cosmetics. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help recover skin damage, in addition to protecting it from free radicals. Rosa damascena contains vitamin C which fights the free radicals causing damage to skin tissue, which then results in wrinkles, lines, and dehydration.

Boosts Libido

It has been scientifically proved that rose essential oil can greatly help men with sexual dysfunction related to anxiety and stress. It balances sex hormones, which can then lead to increased sex drive.

rose oil drink
Add a few drops of rose oil to your smoothie, oat bowl, or your favorite healthy juice.

A clinical trial published in 2015 looks at the effects of rose oil on 60 male patients with major depressive disorder experiencing sexual dysfunction as a result of taking conventional antidepressants known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It turned out that Rose Damascena oil improved sexual dysfunction in male patients, along with reducing symptoms of depression.

3 Ways You Can Enjoy Rose Essential Oil

Aromatherapy: You can diffuse the oil using a diffuser or dab to your wrists, inhale it directly. To make a natural freshener, you can put a few drops of rose oil along with water into a spritz bottle. Voila! (Source)

Topically: As rose essential oil has proved its skincare benefits, you can add it to your beauty routine. Dilute the rose essential oil with a plant-based oil like coconut in a 1:1 ratio before applying it topically to avoid allergic reactions. You can add a few drops of rose oil to your face serum or lotion. Furthermore, you can make a great, relaxing, warm bath soak.

As a supplement: Our Rose Essential is great to add to your diet. Lift the ordinary to extraordinary by adding a few drops to your smoothie, bowl, or coffee, or drink it straight.

How to Choose Rose Essential Oil

You can find rose oil online or at almost any local health store. However, you should be careful about what product you choose. Pure rose essential oil is not cheap. High quality rose oil has the best healing properties, it is the best. Choose pure and organically sourced products. Add rose oil to your daily routine and improve how you feel and look. Buy only organic rose oil like our Rose Essential.

Nikolay Punchev

Nikolay Punchev

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